How to write Blog Post?

Writing a blog which is effective for both, search engines as well as the users might be a tough task to do. It requires a lot of skill and techniques to write a optimized blog that would eventually help your website rank better. Though it is a bit complex process, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you make your blog post a seo-friendly one. And, to help you out in optimizing your content well, in this article we will be discussing about how write blog post that is seo-friendly. Image result for write Blog

Continue reading to learn about the process for optimizing your content easily and rapidly;

Create a structure of the blog post

Indulge parts in your content, split the entire blog post into various parts and so organize it well based on the flow of the topic, this would save much of your time and is also easier to cover up 200-300 words without much of research. Ensure having 3 major parts for your content format which includes introduction, main part and conclusion.

Craft the title

Take time to think a creative and attractive title because only titles have the potential to force the user to click on your blog post, no matter how brilliant your entire content is but if the title is not eye catchy then you would lose most of your potential readers. Hence, writing a striking title is very much essential to making your blog post user-friendly.  The character length without breaks for the titles should be 55-60 characters describing the content of the blog post and also include a target keyword in the title.

Using headings

Basically, the title of your blog post would be the H1 tag and then the entire content should follow up with H2>H3 and so on, as it makes the search engine spiders during the crawling process and also heading tags makes user to read the content effortlessly.

Keep the paragraphs

Long paragraphs are not much preferred to be read by the users has it might turn out to be a bit boring. Use small paragraphs featuring 3-4 long sentences and utilize the formatting options such as bold and italics to make the content look impressive.

To conclude, the above mentioned are the basic tips that can help you to craft a seo friendly blog. To know more about how write blog post that is seo friendly, stay connected to us. Thank you for reading.

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